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Imprimerie Trulli

Cylinder and platen tipo

The cylinder tipo 56x77 allows to make cuts, creasing and gilding of documents that have a particular shape as flap pockets, paper separators... but also micro-perforations as for tear-off flyers like « reply coupon ».

The platen tipo 24x36 realizes cuts of small sizes as business cards, stickers… It makes also micro- perforations as well as numbering for cheque and ticket books.

Hot film

Chic and elegant, this style effect gives class to your documents.

Hot film is the application of a thin decorative hot film applied by pressure on a paper. Generally, the film has a gold or silver appearance but pearlised or structured finishes exist too.


Sensual and beautiful, give relief to your documents.

Embossing makes different levels or reliefs on paper surface with a decorative aim. The imprint is applied on a imprinting machine with a die or a plate to be embossed. We can distinguish between embossing and debossing.

The embossing is the process of creating raised relief design in paper. Debossing alters the surface of paper by providing a raised on selected areas.

The sculpted embossing allows to create different levels.

Die cut Paper

Leave the rectangle, give a different shape to your documents.

Die cut paper is often used to emphazise the look, the presentation or the message of a printed product.

A printing press with a special die is used to cut the marked shape on the paper ; circular window in the coverage revealing a part of the interior page, thumb index allowing to index dossiers... The die cut paper is also used to create sticky labels keeping the support intact.

Nowadays, complicated designs and shapes can to be cut with laser technique.


Tidying, simple cutting, think about the practical aspect of your documents. 

Hole perforation 

The hole perforation on the document margin allows to arrange it in a ring binder. For this purpose, in the graphic arts, it is used a special hole puncher different from these usually used in the office.


The perforation is a paper precutting system that is frequently employed to allow users to tear-off easily pages, coupons, stocks and other stubs. The operation consists in piercing a series of small holes and it often takes place in a printing offset press equipped with a perforating ruler or a toothed saw blade.