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Les Prés Elementary School

Trulli printing company helps Les Prés school, through the press of calendars, in order to recover funds for its projects.


Les Prés school is located in the town of Saint Jeannet.

It is dependent on the Schools Inspectorate of Maritime Alps and the Education Office of Nice. More locally, its human resources are managed by the National Education Inspectorate of Vence.

The premises, furniture and equipment are the responsibility of the municipality, under the laws of Jules Ferry 1881.


Les Prés school is built on 2 buildings connected by a covered walkway around 2 playgrounds..


The network of support for pupils in difficulty consists of 2 teachers, school teachers supporting some pupils with problems in several schools.



The school is composed by 6 classes, for an approximate enrolment of 150 pupils. This number changes from year to year, according to the possible moves.


Information taken from the school site, below :


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