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 Quality Policy - Environment

TRULLI company, founded in 1980,  had seen a constant growth. At its second generation of leaders, the company shows that the respect of quality and commitments allows a long-lasting development of the enterprise.
TRULLI printing company obtained Iso 9001 certification in 1999 and PEFC-FSC certifications in 2011.
The environmental commitment is one of our beliefs that we want to develop with our partners, clients and suppliers. Established in a region with high levels of environmental quality, our company obtained Iso 14001 certification a short time ago.

Our customers trust us because we are able to :
keep a constant quality of our products ;
adapt ourselves to expectations and requirements about quality and environment ;
meet deadlines.

We put competence at the hearth of our commitment :
through internal and external training which allows to keep the employees' skills up at the highest technical level ;
through investments in innovative techniques that respect environment.

We value communication at all levels of the company :
maintaining a constant communication and listening with our employees, customers and suppliers ;
supporting information at all levels of the company.

Our environmental commitments are exerted on many goals :
respecting and strictly applying environmental regulations and our other duties ;
controlling resources consumptions : water, energy, raw materials ;
recycling wastes due to our activity ;
developing smart purchases that respect environment ;
reducing greenhouse gas emissions ;
limiting pollution risks.

For this reason we give importance to keep efficiency of our activity and organization up including our environmental goals and commitments.
Everyone in the company, including employees, contractors and suppliers, must be involved to support the continuous improvement of our performances.
Our aim is to ensure a constant economic development and the durability of our company.