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trulli fightaids monaco Inform - Support - Prevent

Fight Aids Monaco is a no-profit NGO founded by S.A.S. la Princesse Stéphanie de Monaco in 2004.

Faced with the psycological and financial distress and the isolation of people affected by HIV, faced with their suffered discrimination and the acute pain S.A.S. la Princesse Stéphanie de Monaco has entered for them and with them into the struggle for life and dignity.

She has hoped that these vulnerable people, often struggling alone, can be accomodated in a quiet, safe and not-judgmental space in order to allow them to speak freely, to be listened, helped and supported and that they can begin to place faith in themselves and in the life.

Throughout many years as president of the association, S.A.S. la Princesse Stéphanie de Monaco has given account of the real difficulties (especially financial problems) they face on in order to go on holiday or relax after an exhausting period (ex. hospitalization). So she immagined a Maison de Vie, a relaxing place that can hold these people and their family. Located in Carpentras(Vaucluse, France), this Maison de Vie was inaugurated June 26, 2010.

The association radiates Monaco, through the PACA region, in the south of France, but it works in the rest of the world thanks to its actions of international cooperation with Burundi, Madagascar, and the island Maurice.  S.A.S. la Princesse Stéphanie de Monaco pay attention to prevention so many communication campaigns have to be created to involve especially young peole, in order to awaken them to the hiv, explain transmission ways and how to protect from it.

On the 6th October 2006, Princess Stephanie was named as a Special Representative for UNAIDS for her commitment in the struggle against AIDS in Monaco and all over the world.
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